Hi my name is Nicholas Gjoka, and I love the movie, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial!!

Over the past 30 some odd years I have amounted one of the largest and most unique E.T. memorabilia collections in the world.

Why do I love and collect E.T. so much, you ask...

Well it all started when the movie first came out, June of 1982. The world went crazy with E.T. mania (rightfully so if you ask me) and come December, my birthday and Christmas, stores were full of E.T. merchandise which I received as presents from family.

It is was one present in particular that I remember opening from my grandfather that to this day, is my prized and most valuable item to me and that item is an E.T. talking doll.

Growing up I only had one grandfather, when he passed I can remember being really upset but still to this day, I feel a connection to him through the movie and this toy!

As for the rest of the collection... My parents are collectors so we would go to flea markets,yard sales, etc. and when I would find an E.T. item I would purchase it.

As I got older I continued to collect and started to search for stuff on eBay, I started to receive items from friends and family. By 2002 I had amounted a nice collection an just in time for the 20th anniversary and my first visit to the E.T. Adventure ride at Universal Studios in Orlando FL.

Currently, I live in Atlanta GA, with my wife Ashley and our awesome little boy!. I work in the entertainment industry on tv and movies and part time at a great tattoo shop with my good friends! In my off time Ashley and I like to go hiking, bicycle rides, go out to eat at all the vegan food Atlanta and the surrounding areas has to offer, watch movies and make food together. I also race xc mountian bike through out the southeast US. The collection has been getting bigger and bigger then ever. I have been selling and giving away items that I have doubles and triples of because I love to see people smile and to make room for more cool E.T. items!

If you have any questions or think you may have an E.T. item I may find interesting or might not have then please contact me.
Thanks for checking out my site!


P.S. Please check out my friends (click on their names); Mark Lampe, who designed the site, and the ever so talented photographers for the couple of new photos (with more to come)Meghan Mcinnis and Matt Miller


    1. I was four years old, the first time I saw E.T.!
    2. I have two E.T. tattoos and hopefully another one on the way soon.
    3. I have ridden the “E.T. Adventure” ride at Universal Studios, over 100 times, 10 times in one day!
    4. I have ridden, dressed as Elliot with E.T. in a basket, handing out packs of Reese’s pieces , in the annual NYC Halloween parade, six times!
    5. My favorite and most valuable collectible to me is my talking E.T. toy from my grandfather.
    6. Not E.T. related but I am proud to say I live a vegan straight edge lifestyle.
    7. I own a piece of E.T.’s foot!
    8. I took off work and was first in line in NYC for the first showing of the 20th anniversary release in theaters.
    9. I have yet to receive an E.T. item from someone that I don’t have in my collection already.
    10. When I was a kid I used to have a milk crate on my bicycle and pretend I was in the movie.


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    FanAddicts! | Movie Trailer | Review

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    Vice magazine


    www.worldalmanac.com (click on “links of the month”)


The collection spans from pre-production items(1981-1982) to items made this year(2012). I have official and bootleg items, though I do not go out of my way to find bootleg items.

There are so many E.T. items out there, it seems like anything they could put a E.T. image on, they did!
. The movie was released in the U.S. in 1982, then re-released in 1985, put out on video 1987-1988 and so on.
Just think,they made toys/items for each release, and I am just talking about the toys/items released in the USA. I am still trying to collect, let alone trying to find out what they released in different countries.

Then Universal Studios theme parks, Hollywood, Orlando, Singapore, and Japan, all have separate E.T. items that were made for each park. This is why I think the collection will never be complete.
I have lost count of how many E.T. items I have and am starting to run out of room. If you have have any questions about anything E.T. related, if you think you have something I might not have or you need something for your collection, please email me.

Here is a list of a few things I still need:

  • E.T. and Elliot with family complete set made by LJN 1982.
  • E.T. space ship made by LJN 1982.
  • Im always looking for ANYTHING used in the movie on screen.
  • ANYTHING production related.
  • Any advertising/display pieces.

    Selling list; Please click on the link to my eBay page to see what E.T. items I'm selling.


  • Catch up on the latest E.T. news and the newest additions to my collection!

    • HELLO!!

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      Hello all my fellow E.T. lovers out there!!!

      It has been waaaaaaaaay too long since I have posted on here. Since the last posting so much has happened in my life including life itself, that I haven’t had a second to spare. :( I was interviewed and filmed for a TV show called FanAddicts on the Reelz channel.

      FanAddicts! | Movie Trailer | Review

      I have added some new to things to the collection but for the most part I have stopped collecting. I do not have the time or space for it anymore and with a growing family I feel like making memories is more important then collecting stuff to just pack up and collect dust.
      With that said, the whole collection is up for sale, make me an offer! I have sold a couple pieces some were tough to get rid of but I wanted to see how those items sold before going any further with it.

      Also, I want to thank you all for the emails and messages, it makes my day when I receive mail. Unfortunately getting a response from me takes a bit long, but hold on because I will respond!

      I am going to try to update more with a new blog app installed on the phone I can post from anywhere.

      Thanks for visiting!


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      Happy New Year, everyone!!

      First off I want to apologize for my lack of posting, but I am a recently new father to a beautiful baby boy and all of my love and attention has been going to him and his mommy :)

      If you have sent an email or message, don’t worry, it has not gone unnoticed and I am finally able go through and reply to them.

      As for news… I was graciously invited by Universal Studios to represent them through a few media outlets to talk about the 30th anniversary Blu-ray dvd release!! Here is a photo of a E.T. trivia I did in Times Square NYC


      Check out some of the interviews and videos up above.

      Also I have a couple new additions to the collection…

      photo copy

      These are signs and photos that were sent to me from Universal Studios office and I assumed they were around the office.

      These are other items are part of the toy tie for the 30th anniversary. I bought a whole display box with a bunch of them even though there are only six different ones.

      I also got a couple other cool items, including a red hoodie with E.T. 30th anniversary art work that was given to employees and crew!!
      sorry but no photos yet.

      Thanks for checking out the site!!! Please be patient and I will respond to you for sure!! and Please keep all the awesome emails coming!!

      I hope everyones New Year is off to a awesome start!



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      Intern ET from Killer Acid on Vimeo.


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      In celebration of E.T.’s 30th anniversary, On October 22. 2012 E.T. will be making his grand appearance at the Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Hollywood and Tokyo, Madame Tussauds!

      “All six E.T. figures are being constructed simultaneously by a huge creative team at Merlin Studios in West London, using a raft of reference photographs and footage from the film to capture a perfect likeness.”

      Check out how good these E.T.’s look like!

      “Madame Tussauds’ sculptor Dan Woodley puts the finishing touches to the perfect clay sculpture that will be used as a blueprint for the wax figure of the legendary film character E.T. who will be immortalised on 22nd October at five attractions around the world – London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Sydney and Hollywood and in Tokyo in March 2013. This unveiling celebrates the Blu-ray release and the 30th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s beloved classic film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.”